About Us

Who We Are

Nurse checking the heartbeat of the elderHolistic Home Health Care, Inc. is a locally owned independent home health care agency based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded by registered nurses and health care administrators, Holistic Home Health Care, Inc. was born out of the necessity for more personalized and dedicated care of our communities’ residents. We currently serve all of metro-Milwaukee, with the goal to serve the entire state of Wisconsin.

Our Philosophy

At Holistic Home Health Care, Inc. our philosophy stems from collective beliefs and values and is developed based upon years of healthcare experience, cultural influences, and education. Our team believes in promoting an optimal level of wellness in body, mind, and spirit to those being served. Our emphasis is on the individual responsibility –the person being an active partner in the healing process and not a passive recipient of treatment.

Our team of professional nurses and personal care workers implement critical thinking and ethical principles to provide the appropriate intervention for our clients and family. We promise to remain your partner committed to providing timely, accessible, efficient, compassionate, quality services, and family-like care at the comfort of your home.

Home Care

Home Care encompasses a set of health services or health-related services that are provided in the patient’s home. Aside from providing care that addresses acute and chronic conditions, the Home Care Staff also educates the patient and family members about health management. Home Care may also be applied in situations that involve illness, old age or injury that usually reduce the mobility and independence of the individual.

Home Care

Contrary to what most may believe, home health care is not a place. It is the care services provided to individuals with life-limiting illnesses. ome health care patients change their focus from aggressive therapy, but rather they seek quality of life, more time with family and, when possible, reduced pain and discomfort resulting from the symptoms of their illness. Home health care revolves around emotional support, comfort, companionship and other approaches to care which focus on quality of life. It can be provided in a variety of environments like a skilled care facility, assisted living home, hospital, CBRF or even the patient’s own home.